Sara is a great editor. She looked at a collection of my work, immediately saw the book it could become and made it happen. She suggested simple changes that made big differences. Her energy and enthusiasm carried the day. I learned a lot working with Sara and thoroughly enjoyed the process. —Lisa Kahane, author of Do Not Give Way To Evil

From book, magazine, and website publishing to writing, text and photo editing, and art direction, Miss Rosen provides a wide array of services for clients looking to produce high quality editorial content in print and digital formats. Miss Rosen works with each client to identify the best format for their work, consulting on all aspects of the project.


Miss Rosen works with artists and publishers to create pop-culture and luxury illustrated books, magazines, and websites. She works with clients to photo edit the artwork and develop a visual or narrative sequence for the book, identifying areas where text elements such as essays, extended captions, and thumbnails would best support the work. Art direction, book design, and production are done with the client to produce the ideal physical form for the work.


As a writer, Miss Rosen has contributed critical essays, feature stories, interviews, profiles, and book reviews to a diverse array of books, magazines, and websites from around the world. Specializing art, culture, and photography, Miss Rosen has covered a diverse array of artists, designers, photographers, gallerists, publishers, critics, curators, and collectors. She also has her own imprint, Miss Rosen Editions, where she coordinates all aspects of book publishing.

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